The crowned cabinet member is a chair member of the chapter cabinet that has gone above and beyond all expectations. This person displays unparalleled dedication and drive to meet the goals set before them!

September : Shayla Stear


As Social Chair and Swag Designer, Shayla puts in lots of hours to put together quality items and popping' events! Her dedication and hard work keeps us entertained looking fresh!

Is it hard to manage your swag design duties with school stress? At times during D1 and D2 year, it was hard (especially being the fundraising/swag designer for multiple clubs and doing multiple fundraisers at once). Taking the time to get your ideas to be exactly what you envisioned with the different companies takes a lot of time. A lot of companies will send multiple designs, colors for the actual apparel, and then hundreds of threat colors to pick through. I think that is one of the most time consuming parts— actually taking the time to go through and pick what colors look best together and then going back and forth with the company over email to get the design perfect. Then, there’s also making sure everything is organized and accounted for when it comes in and delivering them to the students (which sometimes meant I had to carry around boxes for multiple days 😂). I love being able to take ideas people give me, or that I have, and put them altogether into something I think looks awesome and that people would really like to wear!   

August Chad Love

Chad has been hustlin' to the max in his role as donation chair getting numerous donations from various business in Morgantown! He has collected over $400 worth of donations this summer and is still on a roll getting more!


Tips on how to successfully get donations: "I was a sales rep for TMobile a couple years ago, so that's how I got good at talking to businesses when I had to go door to door. Be genuine and direct. It is crucial that you are invested in the cause you are asking them to support. Dont be afraid of being rejected -- it will happen. Lastly, FOLLOW UP & say THANK YOU!!"

Why dentistry? "Dentistry is the perfect combination of creativity and science that I had been searching for in a career since 8th grade. My mother is a dental hygienist and influenced my interest by allowing me to spend time at her dental office growing up. I look forward to spreading awareness of dental health and its impact on overall health, in addition to helping my patients smile with confidence!"