ASDA is looking for contributors or story ideas for its print publication, Contour, as well as its award-winning blog, Mouthing Off.
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The WVU Cassette

The WVU Cassette 

WVU Carver is a bi-annual newletter for the WVU School of Dentistry student body produced by articles written by our students.  It highlights current issues that ASDA is facing as well as highlights events students have attended.


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Bailey Hollihan, Paru Gopalan & Daren Wadworth

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WVU ASDA Chapter Newsletter

Contour is the premier magazine of the American Student Dental Association and reports on relevant industry trends, champions student rights and represents your formative experience to the wider dental community. Just like ASDA, Contour is shaping the dental student experience. Since January 2017, ASDA members have been receiving Contour as a benefit of their membership, in place of ASDA News and Mouth. The publication comes out 10 times per year, with combined issues in June/July and November/December.



Mouthing Off is a blog intended for anyone with an interest in a career in the field of dentistry or currently enrolled in dental school. They incorporate issues related to dentistry and student life into posts and hope to engage readers in an ongoing conversation.

Mouthing Off

Advocacy Brief


Advocacy Brief is a monthly e-newsletter that is sent to all ASDA members.  It contains information about advocacy issues, legislative and regulatory activities and political affairs related to dentistry. It aims at increasing dental students' understanding and involvement in the legislative process, at both the federal and state level.

The Polished Predental

The Polished Predental is a monthly e-newsletter that is sent to all ASDA predental members. It contains news, event information and topics related to getting into dental school. Check out a sample issue below: